Senthmetic Women's Single Shoes Inserts Arch Support Insoles - 3 Minutes Quickly Custom

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This insole has ortholite and XRD® material. It is customized and shaped by Footwork lab polymer shaping materials, which is comfortable and breathable, multi-stage cushioning and shock absorption, suitable for women wearing single shoes daily.
Thickness of insole heel cup: 14mm, forefoot: 2mm
Suitable for women's single shoes.


✔Customize insole according to the shape of the foot
✔Balance biological force line
✔Support foot arch, decompose plantar pressure
✔Reduce varus and valgus
✔Relieve heel pressure 
✔Reduce impact and protect joints
✔Increased stability of foot structure

① Mesh surface: Quickly export sweat and evaporate it.
② Ortholite: Sweat-absorbing & breathable, while providing good shock absorption performance.
③ Corrugated cloth: Not easy to deform.
④ Footwork Lab High-strength Molecular Support Material: customized according to the foot shape, protect and support the medial arch.
⑤ XRD® Pad: Super cushioning, you won’t feel tired after long-wearing.
⑥ SC auxiliary shaping layer: Special auxiliary shaping material is used, which has a certain degree of support and can assist in the formation of the arch and heel cup.