Senthmetic Golf Insole Heel Cup Orthotic Shoe Inserts - 3 Min Quickly Custom

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According to the plantar characteristics of golf, the insole is customized and shaped by the footwork lab polymer molding material, which can balance and decompose the foot pressure, make the foot force more comfortable, suitable for golf enthusiasts.
Thickness of insole heel cup: 15mm, forefoot 5mm
Applicable shoe type: golf shoes.


✔Customized according to the foot shape
✔Balance biological force line
✔Equalize foot pressure
✔Relieve forefoot and heel pressure
✔Enhance foot arch toughness
✔Reduce impact and protect joints
✔Improve sports efficiency
✔Relax waist muscle, neck muscle

① Mesh Surface: Quickly export sweat and evaporate it.
② Ortholite: Sweat-absorbing & breathable, while providing good shock absorption performance.
③ Black EVA: Good Flexibility, Shockproof, Non-slip & Strong resistance to pressure.
④ Footwork Lab High-strength Molecular Support Material: Customized according to the foot shape, prevents torsion during high-intensity exercise, and provides strong support.
⑤ SC Auxiliary Shaping Layer: Special auxiliary shaping material is used, which has a certain degree of support and can assist in the formation of the arch and heel cup.