Foot Health for Basketball Sport

Basketball is a sport that strives for accuracy under high-speed and high-intensity confrontation conditions. This requires specialized athletes in this sport to have stronger jumping performance and landing cushioning, as well as stronger stability and accuracy.

Analysis of lower limbs biological force line in basketball:

Due to the characteristics of basketball, its various movements are very fast, and the joints have a very large twist. And because it has a lot of sudden stops, jumps and landings, the ground recoil force brought about by it has a very large impact on joints and bones, and at the same time causes great force on related ligaments and muscles.

Under the above-mentioned impact and force, the joints and ligaments of the human body are easily damaged by excessive force. At the same time, due to fatigue caused by exercise, the performance of joints and ligaments will gradually decrease, resulting in movement deformation The biological force line of the lower limbs is unbalanced-the force it receives is transmitted from the ground to various joint parts through the wrong force line, which will increase joint wear and risk. And it is easy to cause damage such as ACL.


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