Our Company


We offer advanced foot care technology and products to our customers from all over the world. We specialize in R&D, production and sales of high-quality foot care products, which build our own brand SENTHMETIC, meanwhile, supply the foot care solution for many famous brands.

We hope that in any family from all over work enjoy our Senthmetic's service at any time and anywhere, We can provide suitable insoles and shoe accessories for each user. Because of SENTHMETIC, our customers can be healthy.


Our Corporate Culture


Senthmetic Vision


Every city,

Every family,

Everyone can enjoy Senthmetic's service.


Anytime, anywhere,

For every user,

Provide a good pair of insoles.

Because of Senthmetic,

Healthy enough.


Senthmetic Mission 

Caring for human foot health, serving every step of human health.


Senthmetic Values

User First

Be grateful and respect users

Even if it's not your responsibility, we must maintain our best attitude to continue to create value for our users.


Be consistent with words and deeds

Dedication, Fully immersed, without distractions

Believe in yourself, believe in teammates, and believe in the future.

Contact Information


Company Name: Senthmetic Custom Insole  

Email: Service@senthmetic.com