Know Your Feet


The most complex structure of the human body, the core of all movements

Each foot is made up of 26 bones, and the feet account for 1/4 of the total number of bones in the body, with 16 joints, 107 soft tissues and 27 muscles. When any part is injured due to improper exercise and lack of protection, you will lose the fun of walking.


Every person’s foot is different, even at different times.

From a professional point of view, each one is very complicated. We once categorized it as "flat feet", "high arch feet" and "normal feet", but this is far from enough. Through foot pressure, we found that even normal feet vary greatly.


Every day's exercise starts here. Your feet need to dissolve most of the positive or negative impacts, and then transmit them to other parts of the body.

The foundation of the human body

Your body is built on your feet. When humans evolve into animals that walk upright, your feet are given the most important mission. Your whole body weight is placed on these square centimeters.

Your body balance largely depends on whether your feet are abnormal, whether there is a line of force problem, whether it can absorb impact well, and whether it can provide stability well.

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