The Importance of Foot Health

The foot is the engine of all sports. The most basic of the health of the foot is to have a good arch.

There are three types of human feet: normal feet, high arch feet, and flat feet. If the arch is unhealthy and the shape of the foot is abnormal, it will affect the support and balance of the foot, causing poor alignment of the skeletal system above the foot, causing problems in the knee, hip, pelvis, and vertebral body.

For example, flat feet can easily cause X-shaped legs, inverted scaphoid, hallux valgus, plantar pain, heel pain, lumbar muscle strain and other hazards; high arched feet can easily cause O-shaped legs, long and short feet, scoliosis, plantar muscles Meningitis, metatarsal inflammation,knee joint pain and other hazards... 

Foot health is not only about the comfort of the moment, but more importantly, foot problems are the long-term performance of human health. The old feet decay first, and the health of the feet is also related to the speed of human aging. The feet of the human body have the reflection areas of the various organs of the whole body. The aging of the feet makes the function of the reflection areas unable to perform normally, which also promotes the aging of the corresponding organs of the body.

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