Green Cork Materials

Green is an important theme in today's society. In this context, we are also looking for renewable, environmentally friendly and non-polluting materials.Cork is one of the materials that best meet our needs. Cork material, together with Senthmetic's design, follows the trend of the green era to explore the endless possibilities of fashion and lifestyle!

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Cork material is obtained from the bark of camphor cork oak.

It's harvested by hand every 9-12 years without ever cutting a tree down.
Like sheep shearing, it's recyclable. Cork is a green, harmless, renewable and natural raw material.
The material requires much less water and energy to process than a typical shoe or insole. So it's a near-perfect eco-friendly material!

More than eco-friendly

The properties of cork are perfectly suited to footwear. Lightweight, flexible, hard-wearing, anti-static, anti-allergenic and with a "natural shaping" function for insoles, this unique material is very attractive to us.

  • Cushioning | Shock Absorption

    Natural elasticity makes for excellent shock absorption.

  • Naturally Dry | Anti-Odor

    Moisture-wicking and odor-reducing.

  • Customisable | Easy to Shape

    Naturally molds to your unique feet within days of wear.

  • Lightweight | Comfortable

    Firm enough to provide long-lasting support.

Cork can reduce carbon footprint

Like other trees, cork trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen through photosynthesis.

However, every time the bark is harvested and grown, they will also capture and store more carbon dioxide.

This can help combat high levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, with cork trees capturing three to five times more carbon dioxide than other trees.

A technology for manufacturing insoles based on cork particles

Cork insoles made with this technology retain the properties of cork and can be created in different insole forms to suit different needs. The optimal formula maintains the natural properties of the cork particles, which are light, moisture resistant and resilient, and naturally conforms to the contours of the foot, effectively relieving underfoot pressure and providing comfort.

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