A lighter impact, using less fossil fuels.

Sports pressure leg protector is one of the common sports protectors. It can wrap the lower leg with high elasticity, compress the muscles and improve blood circulation, thus improving sports performance.

It starts with water.

Algae grows in water, needing just sunlight, CO2and nutrients to thrive. Human-induced changes to environments can lead to algae growing in rampant 'harmful blooms' that stifle and damage natural ecosystems. Bloom harvests harmful algae, dries it and turns it into a biomass that's perfect for creating eco-friendly, high performance foams for footwear.

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  • 5

    Arch support to avoid slipping.

  • 49to54

    Tight fit, not easy to slip.

Lightweight design, more flexible movement, and increased blood circulation.

Reduce blood stasis and swelling of lower limbs and accelerate recovery

Optimized material combination to keep feet warm

Unmatched comfort, sustainably.

  • Cushioning | Anti-Slip

  • Prevents | Protects

  • Breathable | Comfort