Balanced plantar pressure
Strong arch support

Effective support and reduced soreness.
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How insoles can enhance your sports performance

Ergonomic design with arch support. Balanced pressure on the foot and improved stability.
Biomechanically moulded arch cups to lock in the ankle. Relieves foot pain and fatigue while preventing injury, so you can perform better and feel better.

Improve your performance

Foot arch support
Cushioning protection
Injury prevention
Pain relief
Improves posture


Prevent damage and keep comfortable

Orthotic insoles are used to treat injuries while improving knee and ankle alignment. It’s been scientifically proven that the custom moldable orthopedic shape of SOLE footbeds can help to significantly reduce plantar fasciitis, joint and foot pain, knee and back pain, overuse injuries, shin splints, overpronation, and oversupination.

  • Quick Custom

  • Cushioning & Anti-torsion

  • 100% fit

  • All SOLE footbeds are backed by our 90 day footbed guarantee. We not only stand behind the quality and performance of every footbed but also the personal satisfaction of our customers. If you don’t love them for any reason, contact our customer service team for a full refund.

Personalised insoles

Biomechanically customised insoles mean that the insole fits your foot perfectly, with a variety of styles to suit your needs in different sports, keeping you stable and preventing injury.

  • For Basketball

    No Softec cushioning

  • Designed for

    standard, regular volume shoes with removable insoles.

  • Improved support strength, forefoot rebound and heel cushioning for better handling of all kinds of sharp stops and side stepping, improving foot endurance and reducing impact on the ankle and knee joints.

  • For Marathon / Running

  • Designed for

    standard, regular volume shoes with removable insoles.

  • Forefoot cushioning, 25% impact absorption, prevents knee damage and reduces the risk of knee injuries from sports.


Through many tests and user feedback, our insoles have been shown to be very effective in the prevention and rehabilitation of lumbar spine, knee and ankle injuries.


Latex Free

Density mapped


Active Thick

Active Medium

Active Thin


Multi-layer structure, you can adjust the softness and hardness of different positions by heating reasonably, changing the force on the bottom of the foot. Three-minute quick heat moldable of customised insoles, short time, no wait.


Recycled cork

Latex free

Density mapped



Performance Thick

Performance Medium

Performance Thin

Odour free

Sweat-absorbing material and effective in reducing foot odour for a dry and comfortable foot environment. For more comfort on your feet.


Met Pad

Latex Free

Density Mapped

Anti Odor

Active Thickwith Met Pad

Active Mediumwith Met Pad

Active Thinwith Met Pad