Relieve pressure and improve power

Senthmetic biomechanically customised insole corrects your body's line of force from the bottom of your foot in time to prevent sports injuries and equalise your underfoot pressure. It gives you strong arch support, improves your power and enhances your sports performance.


Balance plantar pressure and provide effective arch support

Effective support and reduced soreness.
Risk-free 60-day guarantee.

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ArchQuick Rapid Customisation Technology A personalised insole that is 100% customised to fit your foot.

  • For Basketball

    standard, regular volume shoes with removable insoles.

  • Designed for

  • Improved support strength, forefoot rebound and heel cushioning for better handling of all kinds of sharp stops and side stepping, improving foot endurance and reducing impact on the ankle and knee joints.


    3.2mm Softec cushion


  • Ideal for footwear with wiggle room, thick factory insoles and a wider shape such as trail/hiking boots, work boots, loose-fitting running shoes and winter boots.

  • Quick Custom

  • Cushioning & Anti-torsion

  • 100% fit